Welcome! Please read our agreement carefully before uploading music to our library for review. 

Firstly, before inputting any track data please register an account by clicking on the upload master button (at the bottom of this page) and completing the registration form. We have a limit of 5 tracks which must first be reviewed & processed (accepted or declined) before you can submit more tracks. 

When uploading tracks please upload the full WAV/AIFF file as the master using the naming convention [Artist Name]_[Name Of Track] I.e. Rolling Stones_You Can’t Alway’s Get What You Want. Please upload a 320 kbps mp3 using the same naming convention for the preview file. Please also upload an Instrumental version. 

Nb; You must own/control all rights 100% to the music you submit, there must be no copyright infringement and as copyright holder you’re responsible for paying other writers, musicians, engineers etc, if any. 

Any questions, please see our FAQ page or use our contact form on our website. Thanks!