Subscription FAQ

If you create both YouTube content and commercial projects, go for the freelance video editor licence. It covers all online uses for multiple channels in perpetuity, including client work, paid ads and more. If you only create content for a single YouTube channel and your related social media channels, then a YouTube licence has you covered.

For brands a freelance video licence covers all your online content to market, advertise and promote your brand, in perpetuity and for production companies* the Production licence covers you for all your client & commercial work in perpetuity.

*For production companies with over 5 employees and bespoke quotes contact us here.

The licences cover all existing and future online platforms worldwide in perpetuity. The YouTube licence is valid only for a single channel on YouTube and related social media channel and covers one channel per platform.

With the YouTube licence, every project you create and publish to your channel during your subscription is covered forever! However, once your subscription expires, you cannot use any of the music you downloaded in new projects.

With the Freelance video editor licence every project you create and publish for yourself or clients during your subscription is covered forever! However, once your subscription expires, you cannot use any of the music you downloaded in new projects.

With the Production licence, every project you create and publish for yourself or clients during your subscription is covered forever! However, once your subscription expires, you cannot use any of the music you downloaded in new projects.

Yes. We offer tailor-made solutions to suit each customer’s unique needs. Contact our team to get more information.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime, and you get a 60 day money back guarantee and will receive a full refund if you haven’t downloaded any music.

Subscription payments can be made directly on the site through debit card, PayPal or credit card. After payment is completed, an invoice will be automatically sent to your email address and you will get immediate access to the entire catalogue to download. 

You can purchase your subscription licence here.

You can register a free account and download MP3’s to test in your project and get a feel for the catalogue. To publish music in projects, you’ll need to set up a paid subscription plan to active your licence.

Yes, all our music is available for traditional one-stop sync licensing (single and multi-track deals available), on subscription for online uses and subscribers get a 10% discount when licensing individual tracks as well as free music supervisor support and music clearance assistance. Contact us for quotes & tailored licensing for your project here.

Subscription plans are available for both monthly and annual subscription. If you choose an annual subscription plan you’ll get a further discount of ‘two month for free’!

Still have questions? We’re here to help!

Artist FAQ

Licensing music is simply obtaining permission to use a piece of music on a commercial level. A lot of people don’t realise, but every piece of music you hear on a cable channel, television channel, film, advert, computer game etc has to be licensed and that’s all around the world. When you license a song with a company, you give them the right to use your music and in return they will pay you a fee. With our service you still own the rights to your music, it’s great exposure and helps boost your record sales.

No, it’s absolutely free for artists and our non-exclusive licensing agreement is simple, artist friendly and we work on a percentage basis. We simply go 50/50 on upfront licensing fees on any placements we can secure for you, and you keep 100% of any backend royalties that are generated from placements. 50% of the upfront license fee goes to you and 50% goes back into Resonant to enable us to do the whole process again for you.

Depending on the deal, about 75% of all placements pay royalties and you keep 100% of any royalties, meaning your track can keep paying you for years past the point of license and it’s 100% for you. In order to receive royalties you must be registered with the Performing Rights Society or equivalent. We recommend you register if you haven’t already and you will get paid your royalties directly from your Performing Rights Organisation.

Yes, we’re currently only signing music on a Non-Exclusive basis and do not claim to own any rights to your music. Even when you license a track, it’s still 100% yours. It’s your music and you have full control.

Yes of course. This is a 100% ‘Non-Exclusive” so you’re free to explore any and all other opportunities for your music. We will be offering exclusive deals later in the year if you’d like resonant to represent you exclusively.

Yes of course, your music will be erased from the catalogue within 60 days of your request for removal. Just contact us at enquiries@resonantmusiclicensing.com be sure though that we are doing everything we can to secure placements for you and this can take some time.

As long as you want. Since there’s no defined term on the contract, you can get out of it at anytime. Upon your request to end the contract, your music will be removed from our catalogue within 60 days.

Minimum we accept is 320kb MP3 files, but make sure you have wave files handy. Clients will request them and we will be contacting you for them in due course.

Licensing agreements are created electronically when you you register and submit music and agree to our license terms. A copy of the licensing agreement will be sent to you electronically via email in a PDF when you register then when you’re happy you can upload music. Please get independent legal advice before agreeing to the terms and if you want a copy of our non-exclusive contract you can view the agreement on the submission page where it says “licensing terms”, and any questions please email enquiries@resonantmusiclicensing.com

We’re founded by professional musicians and have industry connections made up from the last 15 years. Music is added to our catalogue and is listened to by industry professional. We have one full-time employee connected to the music and media industries and a handful of incredibly talented representatives working on your behalf.

We can’t notify you every time we pitch your music, but we will keep you updated as best we can and definitely notify you if we secure a placement for you. All music needs to be cleared, then we pitch tracks and customers have the ability to search our catalogue themselves. This is why notifying artists for each song submitted is not possible, but we do endeavour to keep artists updated when we pitch as much as possible.

We’re a small start up, but always looking for exceptional people to join our team. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Resonant Music Licensing tribe please send an updated CV and cover letter to enquiries@resonantmusiclicensing.com and look out for any job posting on our social media

Broadcast quality means your music is produced well enough to be put into a computer game, advert, TV programme, etc. It has to be recorded and mixed properly (we can help here if you need) and mastered. 

We aim to do all we can to get your music licensed. We are music lovers and do all we can to get good music to where it deserves. Experiences in licensing are different for everybody and is a patience game. Some of our artists get placements 24/hrs after submitting music, other weeks and months and other we still haven’t managed to get deals yet even though their tracks are amazing. It all depends on timing – having the right song at the right time for the right client. If you build up a nice catalogue of music – a good body of work, you just have to be patient and get your music to the right people/agencies and eventually you’ll break through. We can only do well if you’ve done well, then we can help take it to the next level for you but don’t be disappointed if you dont get immediate success.

Upload full versions of your tracks only and instrumental mixes of vocal tracks. Providing instrumental, acapella  versions and other mixes will help us in pitching your music. Music clips or audio tagged music will have to be deleted as we can’t license them for you

Resonant Music Licensing pays artists quarterly. Please see our licensing agreement for full details regarding payments. Resonant Music Licensing’s payment quarters begin on Jan 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 and you will be paid in the following quarter from the quarter that we received payment from the client. You will also receive an accounts summary at the end of the quarter we received payments notifying you that you will be paid in the next quarter. Additionally if we have secured placements for you you will already have been contacted by a supervisor letting you know, so please ask them if you have any questions.

There must be no copyright infringement and you must have permission from everyone involved to license music. If you have used an uncleared sample the track isn’t licensable until you’ve cleared the sample. If you’ve used a sample from a licensed sample cd/pack that’s fine, but if you sampled a record etc without permission then you must remove or clear the sample before licensing. We suggest that 99% of the time that you just remove the sample and the track will be just fine. You will be held liable if there’s any copyright infringement, so you must make sure the copyrights are 100% secured. Any questions contact Enquiries.

You must have permission from everyone involved before submitting work. We pay the copyright holder and they’re responsible for paying any other parties involved, i.e other songwriters, musicians, producers etc.