Digital Marketing

Client: JD Sports

Production: Dazzleship

Track: “Dreamer” by Draven

Social Media

Client: JD Sports / North Face

Production: RWD Agency

Track: “Follow The Sun” by Fishmixx

Corporate videos

Client: Nido Student Living

Production: Connected Pictures

Track: The memoirs of Gregory Otterman by Culprate


Client: Greenlight 

Production: Dazzleship 

Track “Never Give up” by Lupa 


Client: Open Bionics

Production: Tusko Films

Track: Third District” by Matira


Client: JD Sports

Production: RWD Agency

Track “Into the Light” by Cling

“Resonant music licensing is a fantastic service that I recommend whole heartedly. As the creative director of a marketing agency, sourcing suitable music at a fair price is very challenging and time consuming. The team at Resonant offer a personal service, an innate understanding of our needs along with a vast catalogue of music. This also benefits the music creators, who find it harder and harder to generate an income from their talents in this digital age.”
Dacre Bracey
Creative Director RWD Agency
"With client deadlines ever decreasing Resonant help us by being able to source good quality productions from professionals that are easy to licence."
Alex Johnson
Creative Director Dazzleship

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