Invada Records Partners For Sync Representation 🎶

Happy to announce we’re representing the mighty Invada Records for sync licensing.

Invada Records is a UK-based independent record label that was founded by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and music industry veteran Redg Weeks in 2003. The label is based in Bristol and has built a reputation for releasing a diverse range of music, including electronica, grunge, rock, and soundtrack releases.

Invada roster Includes Geoff’ incredible new band BEAK>, and The Thought Forms, The Fauns, Esben and The Witch, The KVB, Adrian Utley, Drokk, Benefits and more. The label has also released soundtracks for various films and TV shows, such as the hit series “Stranger Things”.

In 2021, Invada celebrated its 18th anniversary and continues to release new and exciting music across a range of genres. The label remains committed to supporting independent artists and providing a platform for unique and innovative music.

Invada’ tracks are not available in our online licensing store as they’re only available for pre-approved uses first, so just let our supervisors know if you’d like to hear/get clearance to use their music!