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We feel your pain..

We know that licensing commercial music is way too challenging and incredibly expensive

We know that using music without permission will risk getting your videos being demonetised and getting a copyright strike

We know that using “free” library music, or music of little value is limiting your content’ production values

We know having access to professional music and professional services will take your content to the next level.

We're Resonant Music Licensing! The #No1 music subscription service for Youtube content creators

Join 1000’s of professional content creators around the globe…

We enable YouTube content creators to harness the power of music by providing the same professional music & services as the major film, advertising, gaming and TV industries..

  • Copyright cleared commercial music from 1000+ professional artists including music from Mercury Prize winners, Grammy award winners and up and coming contemporary artists
  • Unique, original and undiscovered music
  • Free assistance with licensing and clearing music you want
  • Free music supervision and consultancy for your channel
  • Sourcing new music, artists and labels you want
  • Help with custom and bespoke music you want composed and produced

Our Testimonials

Founded by professional artists we’ve been licensing music for over 10 years, and are so grateful to have work with such fantastic clients!

"With client deadlines ever decreasing, the need to get good quality music options for video work is getting more important. RML help us by being able to source good quality productions from seasoned professionals in the industry that are easy to license."
Vector Meldrew
Creative Director Dazzleship
“Resonant music licensing is a fantastic service that I recommend whole heartedly. As the creative director of a marketing agency, sourcing suitable music at a fair price is very challenging and time consuming. The team at Resonant offer a personal service, an innate understanding of our needs along with a vast catalogue of music. This also benefits the music creators, who find it harder and harder to generate an income from their talents in this digital age.”
Dacre Bracey
Creative Director RWD Agency

Our Showreel

We have worked on TV advertising campaigns around the world, brand films, documentaries, videos, games and now a launching a new subscription service for Youtube content creators. 

We love to enable our customers to harness the power of music and helping artists all around the world to earn income from their music.

Our customers; Asics, Pringles, JD Sports, Oracle corporation, The North Face, too name a few!

We offer Youtube content creators the same professional music services as Hollywood film makers, global brands and Netflix shows!

Subscribers have access to music from +1000 artists including Mercury prize winners, Grammy Award Winners, Hollywood film composers, all professional artists and undiscovered independent artists.

Professional music services are FREE; FREE Music supervision, FREE Music Consultancy, FREE Commercial music clearance assistance, FREE music sourcing and help with licensing music you want for your channel!

And discounts on bespoke music made by your favourite composer/artist who will make theme tune, soundtrack, scores and any exclusive music, just for your channel!

And that’s not all..

What Else Do Subscribers Get?

  • A FREE 1/2hr 1-2-1 consultancy
  • Free catalogue searches for your project
  • 20% discount on theme tune for your channel
  • Licensing for other uses outside of Youtube i.e TV uses
  • Free resource of blogs, videos, interviews, how to grow your channel to the next level, and soon affiliate partnerships and discounts on forthcoming services 

What Does This Usually Cost?

Our usual charge for music supervision is £1000 per day

Our usual charge for supervising, music & licensing for an online advertising campaign is approx £500 per project

Our usual charge for music for online marketing videos is average £200 per video

Our usual fee for commercial music clearance is 10% of the final negotiated price with average deals being around £2,500 for online use for a moderately lesser well known track. That’s an additional £250 charge. 

Therefore, 1 x month of supervision, with music & licensing for 50 videos, plus a single online advertising campaign, and licensing a moderately well known commercial track would usually be.. 

£6,750 p/m

Hmm, so how much is this subscription?


We offer all of your online content covered for just…

£9.99 p/m!

(or £19.99 for freelancers & brands or £29.99 for production companies!)

This is a limited offer for 100 subscribers only, so take action now if you want to take advantage of this incredible service for your Youtube channel

What Are Our Guarantees

  • 14 day money back guarantee (if you haven’t downloaded anything)
  • No fixed term & cancel anytime
  • If you’re unhappy in anyway we’ll make sure we keep working for you until you’re happy
  • We’ll make sure to continually improve our services and tailored to your needs
  • All our services are all aimed at helping you succeed!

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