Why Your Film Is Only As Good As The Music

Your film is only as good as your music.

Music and film are inseparable, they always have been and always will be. So it’s vitally important for creators to understand music and how crucial it is to the finished production.

The thing with music is that you can’t fool the subconscious. Even if someone has absolutely no musical knowledge, interest or skill their subconscious mind does and is able to detect false emotions and inauthenticity.

Just think about your top 10 favourite films, I can bet you that they all have one thing in common, incredible music. Am I right?

My top 10 (in no particular order) are films such as 2001 A space Oddessy, Star Wars, Taxi Driver, Vertigo, Blade Runner, Alien, Pulp Fiction,

This isn’t a coincidence, it’s because

The standard of music will reflect the standard of the finished film. You cannot have a film to be considered great without.. great music. So what makes great music? Not only do the music elements have to be great; Instrumentation, melodies, tempo, timbre, arrangement, composition etc, but also the production, engineering, mastering, mixing, recording,

We could all make a piece of music using the sound of nails on a blackboard, but why hasn;t it be done? Because it sounds horrible and people will want to turn it off… unless that’s the effect you’re going for of course! I think that could be a good idea for a suspense theme for a horror film…so hook me up and we’ll make it happen lol.

Therefore your film will only be as good as the music and is 50% of the final film.

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