We provide a fully comprehensive music licensing service for artists, labels and publishers. We don't just add your music to our catalog hoping clients come to us, we proactively target your music to relevant briefs and opportunities and keep you updated with jobs/commissions as they come in.

We pitch/place music in film, TV, advertising, computer games and a myriad of other licensing areas, and currently licensing music on a 'non-exclusive' basis meaning you maintain all the rights to your music.

We simply go 50/50 on placements we can secure, you're paid quarterly and you can add/remove music from our catalogue as you go. You'll earn between £50-£10,000+ per placement depending on use.


  • Maintain all rights to your music
  • Maintain 100% of Royalties
  • A pro-active licensing company
  • Network of music and media professionals
  • Paid quarterly
  • Commissions, remix's & collaborations

Tips and hints

  • If you can provide an instrumental version of any vocal tracks, you'll have more chance of getting it licensed.
  • Any material that's 'broadcast' quality is licensble (full tracks, loops, soundscapes, scores, cues...)
  • Patience is the key it can take a while, or you can be licened immediately, either way we are dedicted to getting your music licensed
  • If your music can support, define, dramatise, heighten, represent, a range of moods, or a singular emotional aspect, it will afford you greater opportunities of having your music licensed.